With your support I will be able to make more and better animations. You can support my work monthly through Patreon or one-time via Paypal.


Vexorum on Patreon: Here!


Vexorum on Paypal: Here!

Goals and rewards

The support will be used to improve the quality of my works, by allowing me access to more professional tooling, tutorials, and assistance. Additionally, I will be using it to purchase pre-built model objects. This will allow me to spend more time animating and the quality will be significantly better. I will also be looking into commissioning professional modellers to help out in the development of new characters.

Any amount pledge to my Patreon account will unlock its special content. At the moment these are previews and discontinued works. Some of them may contain mature or adult content.


If you make a one-time contribution via Paypal, you may include a short message for me to add to this list.

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